Leaders need more than a coach, they need a community

Unboxed2Lead is an exclusive community for high-level leaders. Our platform is designed to facilitate the learning, growth, and support needed to help you become a more authentic leader able to create a healthy workplace culture while reaching your personal and professional goals.

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The Challenge

70% of Executives Want a More Caring Workplace 

A recent Deloitte survey revealed that almost 70% of executives are considering leaving their jobs for workplaces that care more for their well-being.

*Forbes Magazine

The Solution

Join a Unique Leaders Community

Become an Authentic Leader

Acquire the tools necessary to become a calmer, less-anxious authentic leader who builds your organization and reaches your personal and professional goals.

Create Healthy Workplace Culture

Develop skills to get the most from strong thriving teams, as well as to lead challenging or dysfunctional teams through crisis and sabotage.

Gain Deeper Insights

Understand the dynamics of relationship systems, including how you were programmed to manage professional and personal relationships. Strengthen home and work-life balance, and ultimately become a more mature leader.

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All The Tools You Need To Become a Successful Leader

When you join UnBoxed2Lead you become part of a dynamic Leaders Peer Support Community. You will be empowered to become a less anxious, more authentic, world-changing, next-level leader able to accomplish your dreams, improve your work-life balance and create healthy workplace cultures.


Understand Your Challenges

In the first step, we'll meet with you one on one to understand your challenges from the root. 

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  These brief lessons set the foundation for the norms of the program and ensure you get the most from your 1:1 and community group sessions.

Discover Solutions

Our Leaders' Peer Support cohorts connect you with fellow leaders who are committed to supporting one another on the leadership journey. 

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