Your Leadership Needs a Support Community

The Unboxed2Lead Leaders' Peer Support Community is an exclusive support group for high-level leaders like you. The U2L LPSC offers diverse perspectives, shared experiences, and mutual support, fostering holistic growth and resilience so you can create a healthy workplace culture while reaching your personal and professional goals.

The Challenge

Feeling Lonely at the Top?

Leadership is rewarding but it can be lonely. UnBoxed2Lead is a unique Peer Support Community  that connects you with other high level leaders to enhance your leadership journey - helping you to excel in every area of your life. 

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The Solution

Join a Unique Leaders' Community

Research indicates that executives involved in peer support communities have higher levels of job satisfaction, increased confidence in their leadership skills, and greater resilience in the face of challenges.

Become an Authentic Leader

Improve your ability to become a calmer, less-anxious authentic leader who grows your organization while achieving your personal and professional life goals.

Create Healthy Workplace Culture

 Sharpen your skills to get the most from strong thriving teams, as well as to lead challenging or dysfunctional teams through crisis and sabotage.

Gain Deeper Insights

Understand the dynamics of relationship systems, including how you were programmed to manage professional and personal relationships. Strengthen home and work-life balance, and ultimately become a more mature leader.

Packages & Membership

 A Community for Every Kind of Leader 

UnBoxed2Lead has created specific communities for Corporate leaders, BIPOC Corporate leaders, Nonprofit EDs, What is the right leaders' support community for you?

Corporate Leaders

  • CEO's and high level leaders
  • Global MDs 

Nonprofit Leaders

  • Non Profit Executive Directors, CEOs  
  • Assistant EDs
  • BIPOC Community Leaders
Packages & Membership

Your Leadership is Diverse 

Your leadership has a unique culture, history, and vibe. Join the UnBoxed2Lead BIPOC Peer Support Community - a community of leaders who know what it means to walk through leadership in your skin. 


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