Free Weekly Book Club Starting Every Tuesday   @ 9:00 A.M. MST, Beginning March 19

12 Steps To Becoming An Unboxed Leader!

Join Dr. Robert Davis and other leaders - master difficult relationships in this dynamic leaders' 12-steps support group book club. 

Space is limited, so join today!

Become an emotionally mature leader and master the skills of leading challenging relationships

Frustrated by difficult relationships at work? 

Gain the skills to lead difficult teams and relationships. Join a FREE weekly dynamic book club of like minded leaders who feel your pain and are committed to your growth.

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UnBoxed2Lead Book Club

12 Steps to Becoming an UnBoxed Leader.

Presented by Dr. Robert Davis

Join like minded leaders on the journey to emotional maturity in this FREE weekly leaders' support group book club.  Facilitated by Dr. Robert Davis, family life, relationship systems, and workplace relationship expert. 

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What You'll Get

This life changing leadership experience will help you become a less anxious leader able to lead in any situation. Don't miss out!

A Weekly Community Experience Discussing Each of the 12 Steps

Interactive Sessions on Applying Concepts to Real-Life Scenarios

Exclusive Insights and Q&A with Leadership Experts

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Is this Book Club right for you?

If you are leading leading difficult teams or people and feeling frustrated and burned out this is the book club and community for you. Come and recharge every week and get the support and skills to help you master challenging relationships. 

  • Learn to Manage Relationships Better: You want to improve the relationships in your professional and personal life
  • Reduce Anxiety: You want to have less anxiety and rediscover the joy of leadership
  • Be Part of a Tribe: You welcome being part of a tribe of leaders who support eachother on their journey to emotional maturity.
  • Authentic Leadership: You are ready to be your best self who can be a consistant, confident, and less anxious leader able to manage your emotions and be your true self no matter what.
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Limited spots available - secure your place now!

First Session is Thursday, January 25th @ 10am MST