All The Tools You Need To Become A Successful Leader

When you join the UnBoxed2Lead Leaders Peer Support Community you develop your full potential as complete emotionally mature individual. This is the very definition of being an authentic UnBoxed leader  — it’s about helping unbox your full potential and becoming a less anxious, world-changing, next-level leader able to accomplish your dreams, improve your work-life balance and create a healthy workplace culture.

Pillars of UnBoxed2Lead

Peer Support Groups

The unique blend of our support and mastermind group provides a safe space for you to share challenges, pain points, industry trends, seek and offer solutions, strategize to reach your personal goals and, bond over the shared experience of leadership.  


We take a different approach to networking.  As an UnBoxed2Lead member, you will be strategically connected to individuals and resources relevant to your specific leadership needs.  

Endless Knowledge

  • Members receive unlimited acces to the  UnBoxed C.A.R.E.S training curriculum
  • Monthly webinars to allow for in-depth exploration of concepts and strategies discussed during peer support groups and training. 
  • Bootcamps to focus on specific areas of leadership and work-life balance

Personalized Experience

1:1 coaching sessions to help you address challenges within your leadership context and develop strategies to reach your personal and organizational goals. 

Meet the Team

Lead Facilitator

Dr. Robert L. Davis

Dr. Robert Davis is CEO and co-founder  of UnBoxed2Lead. He is a Family Life Specialist with 22 years of experience as a  Senior Pastor, Family Life Educator, Hospice Chaplain, and  Bereavement  Coordinator. 

Dr. Davis is trained and skilled in the critical aspects of family, workplace, and organizational relationships and works with organizations across America and around the world to help their leaders develop more productive, synergistic healthy relationship cultures. 

Guest Facilitator

R.P. Soriano, MBA

R. P. Soriano is COO and co-founder of UnBoxed2Lead. He earned an MBA from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and has years of experience in the financial industry, startups, and international consulting.

R. P. Soriano helps leaders to practice the principles of mindfulness in every aspect of leadership, ultimately becoming more focused, calmer, less anxious leaders who excel in reaching their personal and professional goals.

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