UnBoxed2Lead Leadership Bootcamp

Ascending with Grace, Thriving with Power:

The Unstoppable Journey When Black Women Rise

Presented by UnBoxed2Lead

This boot camp will explore crucial leadership topics tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Black women in leadership positions.

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A one-day Women's Leadership Boot Camp—an empowering and transformative experience designed to equip women with the tools and mindset needed to be a distinctive leader in today's dynamic professional landscape.

Did You Know That:

Black women are making significant strides in leadership roles across various sectors, yet they remain underrepresented at the top levels of organizations.

Are you ready to:

  • Elevate Your Leadership & Celebrate Your Worth: Dive into sessions focused on thriving in professional environments, celebrating your inherent worth, and developing effective communication and leadership skills.
  • Cultivate Well-being & Co-create Your Narrative: Engage in workshops aimed at holistic well-being and crafting your identity, power, and resources in your narrative.
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Addressing the unique challenges faced by Black women in leadership

Each workshop will provide practical strategies and insights to empower you to master every stage of your leadership journey. From developing the courage to navigate white power systems and demanding your worth to implementing holistic self-care, and co-creating and fostering brave spaces for Black women in the workplace and beyond.

Session 1 - Dr. Tawana Angela Davis

Thriving as Black Women, Femme, and Gender Expansive Beloveds in Predominantly White Spaces

Join us for an empowering workshop tailored for Black women navigating professional environments where diversity is a journey. This transformative session is designed to equip you with the skills and mindset needed to not only survive but thrive in predominantly white spaces.

Explore strategies for effective communication, leadership development, and navigating microaggressions with resilience. Learn to leverage your unique strengths, build supportive networks, and foster a strong personal brand that aligns with your professional goals.

Our expert-led session will address the nuances of cultural intelligence, negotiation skills, and conflict resolution, empowering you to navigate challenges while staying true to your authentic self. Cultivate mental health resilience and discover the art of self-care as essential tools for sustained success.

This workshop is not just about surviving – it's about thriving, embracing authenticity, and celebrating the brilliance that comes from the intersection of your identity and professional aspirations. Join us on this empowering journey towards excellence and fulfillment in predominantly white spaces.

Session 2 - Michelle Trail

Crowned in Confidence: Recognizing, Celebrating, and Demanding Your Inherent Worth as a Black Women

Step into a transformative experience designed exclusively for Black women, where we celebrate and acknowledge the profound worth within each of you. This empowering workshop, "Crowned in Confidence," is a journey of self-discovery and recognition, aimed at unveiling the regal strength and resilience that defines the essence of Black womanhood.

Explore the nuances of self-value through this interactive session that delves into cultural empowerment, leadership development, and effective communication strategies that equip you to effectively demand what you’re worth. Join us in cultivating a network of support, empowering each other to rise and thrive.

This workshop isn't just about acknowledging your worth; it's about embracing it, wearing your crown of confidence unapologetically. Through discussions, activities, and shared experiences, discover the power that lies within your unique identity. Our expert facilitators will guide you in crafting your narrative, fostering self-empowerment, and building a personal brand that radiates authenticity.

Join us for "Crowned in Confidence," and let's collectively celebrate the brilliance, strength, and inherent worth of Black women, creating a space where confidence reigns supreme. This is more than a workshop; it's a coronation of your exceptional journey and the acknowledgment of the worth within you.

Session 3 - Elder Topazz McBride

A Black Woman’s Journey to Wellness in and Beyond the Doors of the Board Room: The Raw truth about Black Women and Self-Care

Embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being designed exclusively for Black women. "A Black Woman’s Journey to Total Well-Being" is a workshop crafted with care, aimed at nurturing every aspect of your mind, body, and soul.

Engage in mindful practices that celebrate and honor your cultural identity, fostering a deep sense of belonging and self-empowerment. Join expert-led discussions on mental health resilience, stress management, and the art of self-compassion tailored to the unique experiences of Black women.

Through this interactive session, discover the healing power of creative expression, movement, and self-care rituals that resonate with your authenticity. " A Black Woman’s Journey to Total Well-Being " is more than a workshop; it's a sanctuary where you can explore and embrace practices that lead to lasting joy, balance, and fulfillment.

Come together with like-minded individuals in a supportive community, sharing insights and strategies for maintaining well-being in both personal and professional spheres. Join us on this empowering journey to total well-being, and let your soul radiate with the vibrant energy of self-love and thriving health.

Session 4 - Summer Nettles

ProtectHER: Navigating Safety and Success for Black Women in White-Centric Spaces

Join us for a transformative experience where we'll explore strategies to foster a secure and thriving environment. From assertiveness training to building supportive networks, this workshop is designed to equip you with the tools needed to navigate challenges and rise with confidence in predominantly white corporate settings. Together, let's cultivate a workplace where your brilliance shines, and safety is non-negotiable.

Note: Becoming safe with the reality of what they may lose: There is research article about Black women not being safe in the workplace ~ especially when they are one of a few in the room

Session 5 - Denver City Councilwoman Shontel Lewis

Unveiling Radiance: Black Women Co-Creating Identity, Power, and Resources in Our Own Narrative.

Embark on a transformative journey with "Unveiling Radiance" a workshop for Black women committed to co-creating their narrative of identity, power, and resources. In this empowering space, we will explore strategies to collectively design systems that resonate with our unique stories and aspirations. Through this interactive session, discussions, and collaborative exercises, you will gain insights into leveraging your power and resources collectively and effectively. Join us in shaping a narrative that reflects the strength, brilliance, and unity of Black women, fostering a legacy of empowerment for generations to come.

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Join Dr. Robert Davis in our UnBoxed2Lead Leadership Bootcamp

This boot camp will explore crucial leadership topics tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Black women in leadership positions.


Black Women in Leadership Positions.



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Join us for a day of intensive workshops, expert-led sessions, and collaborative activities where participants will cultivate leadership skills, foster resilience, and develop a strategic mindset.  It's time to lead authentically and leave a lasting impact—be part of the transformative journey at the Ascending with Grace, Thriving with Power: The Unstoppable Journey When Black Women Rise. It’s time to be UnBoxed2Lead!

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