DEI done differently. DEI through relationships. DEI UnBoxed.

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DEI done differently. DEI through relationships. DEI UnBoxed.


UnBoxed2Lead recognizes that the majority of humans tend to gravitate towards people who are like them, be it based on race, culture, ability, class, nationality, religion, gender or sexuality. This natural comfort makes it easier to develop strong relationships with people from similar backgrounds. 

Complicating this human tendency to gather into similar groups is the harm resulting from conflicts, oppressive systems, struggles for resources, and systemic failures that make it difficult to be aware of our own hardwiring and the impact this has on our sense of equity and inclusion.  

We believe that relationships - the way we form and function in them - are the biggest drivers in the quest to a healthy DEI culture.  

Part of the challenge of an effective DEI strategy is focussing on symptoms and not the disease. We have seen many organizations provide funding, hire new faces, hope for the best, throw up their hands and return to old habits when outcomes are disappointing. 

We work with leaders to step outside their comfort zone and learn to better understand themselves, grow in emotional maturity, and develop a relationship strategy so they can nurture relationships with people from different backgrounds with the same level of comfort with people they are similar to. The result are leaders and teams with effective interpersonal relationship skills and a thriving and prosperous organization. 

The UnBoxed2Lead approach to DEI is to work with leaders in four key areas:

  1.  We help you and your team identify how you were preprogrammed to view the world based on your family of origin, culture, and societal influences. 
  2. Each team member along with their U2L coach will take that information and develop individualized plans of action to help them become more self aware and intentional about becoming more inclusive.
  3. We then explore the history of racism, sexism, discrimination, and bigotry in both America and within the workplace. Prejudices and injustices have served a psychosocial purpose in society. As you and your team gain a deeper understanding of this role and purpose you begin to understand how and where these biases and bigotries show up in your leadership and relationships. Finally, you will gain an understanding of how discrimination has hindered the full growth potential of businesses and organizations over the years. 
  4. Once you and your team have done the necessary work for personal growth, the next step is to work with other leaders in a peer support community who are on this journey. As a community, you will share your best thinking so you can develop policies, practices, programs, and metrics that help create truly diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations. 

"At UnBoxed2Lead, our DEI services are centered on relationship building. Our curriculum, coaching, peer support community platform, and bootcamps are designed to empower your team to become authentic leaders who foster a positive, diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture."

Customized DEI and Leadership Program:

Unboxed2Lead (U2L) can work closely with your leadership team and tailor a program that includes workshops, training, and ongoing support. This program can address specific DEI challenges and equip your leaders with a better understanding of how to develop relationships in the context of DEI.

Employee Engagement Workshops

UnBoxed2Lead can customize and offer DEI workshops, webinars, and bootcamps for your employees. These services work in concert with the executive/senior management DEI Leadership program. We believe that when it comes to DEI, leaders and their team should learn simultaneously and grow together. 

Diversity Recruitment Strategies: 

We can help you develop strategies to attract and retain a more diverse workforce. We work with several organizations and professional associations to help you improve your recruitment outreach. 

DEI Metrics and Reporting:

When everything is said and done metrics will  be critical in order to evaluate, adjust, and ultimately demonstrate success. We will work with you to 

  1. Make sure the metrics can be tracked in a manner that works with any system you currently use or something similar. 
  2. We will work with you to evaluate your current DEI status internally and for funding to identify gaps, set targets, and successful outcomes for DEI efforts that are realistic for GFF. We take a capabilities driven strategy approach - this ensures we are not recommending solutions beyond what you can practically execute.  
  3. Help develop a robust DEI policy 
  4. Assess how the organization will  hold itself accountable 
  5. work with you to build your metrics into the areas you want to focus (internal hiring, board leadership, grant awards etc.) 

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